Unveiling the California Collection in Joshua Tree

At Tribe + True we’re always on the lookout for stunning locations to shoot our textiles.  When we stumbled upon Desert Wild, a beautifully curated Airbnb owned by Louis Litrenta and Natalie Saunders, we knew it was time to take a trip to the desert.
We piled up the Tribe + True mobile and set out for Joshua Tree.  With light traffic, JT is a quick 2 hours cruise from our headquarters in Costa Mesa, making it the ideal weekend escape.
We approached a welcoming arched doorway and intricate accent pieces sourced from Marrakesh decorated the front living space. Every nook and cranny of the home is well thought and intentional, with keepsakes collected from the couple's travels around the globe. 
 The light was just right when we arrived, drenching the whole house in warm tones, highlighting all of the textures of the interior space.  We snapped away for a few hours, and then enjoyed one of those famous pastel Joshua Tree sunsets from the house. 
We woke up early the next morning and watched as a family of rabbits frolicked around the front yard.  The Desert Wild house proved to be the perfect canvas to bring our textiles to life.
We headed into town to grab a quick bite to eat. Crossroads Kitchen is one of our favorite stops in Joshua Tree thanks to their huge (vegan-friendly) menu and fun local vibes. 
The following morning we made a quick stop at Natural Sisters Cafe for breakfast, we stumbled upon the Saturday morning farmer’s market next door.  Armed with fresh produce, local goodies, and overflowing SD cards, we headed back for the coast.  All in all a perfect desert trip and we rest assured knowing we'll be back soon for more.