Founder Spotlight:

Tribe + True took root in 2015 under the visionary guidance of Kelly K. McCullough. A harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary design principles defines the company, specializing in the creation of ethically handmade goods. With a commitment to collaboration and empowerment, Tribe + True works closely with artisans in Oaxaca and Tlaxcala, Mexico, as well as Gallup, New Mexico. The brand has garnered acclaim in notable publications such as Forbes, Sunset Magazine, Stay Wild Magazine, Ski Magazine, LOCALE Orange County, and Sense of Home Germany.

Our Narrative:

In its early stages, Tribe + True centered its craftsmanship on turquoise jewelry. Kelly's passion for artisanal work drew her to New Mexico, where collaboration with local Navajo Silversmiths birthed a line of exquisite bracelets, pendants, and rings.

A pivotal moment occurred at a California street fair, where the allure of Tribe + True expanded beyond jewelry. Enthralled shoppers not only admired the jewelry but also the vibrant traditional Mexican weavings beneath. This revelation sparked Kelly's vision for a unique collection of handwoven textiles, seamlessly blending her earthy color palette with contemporary shapes and patterns. Thus began a partnership with a skilled team of traditional Mexican Textile Artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

After two years of collaboration, Kelly initiated discussions about the prospect of an exclusive line of textiles. The weavers eagerly embraced the opportunity, and the realm of creative enchantment unfolded.

Fast forward nine years, and Tribe + True boasts an array of over 30 custom and exclusive blanket styles. Each textile is a testament to a highly collaborative process, from hand-drawn sketches to timeless works of art. Despite the evolution, the company's unwavering love and appreciation for the artists and their craft remain steadfast, fueling the ongoing growth and transformation of Tribe + True.